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My blog is like a rainy day when you curl up in bed and watch your favourite television shows with a cup of hot tea. Yep, my blog is exactly like that :)
The name is Nate; I’m a writer, wannabe comedian, filmmaker, Wizard, Dragon Tamer and creator of thingy things from Melbourne, Australia.
I make up for a lack of social life with excessive amounts of film and television viewing, video games, books, comics, writing screenplays and occasionally retreating to my own reality. I’m a huge television & film geek to the point where I often forget where television ends and reality begins
Now you know way too much about me and I presume bored of reading this. Enjoy the blog :D

And To All My Followers

You’ve just stopped being my followers. You have become something…unstoppable. I hereby pronounce us.. a community.


"Who’s got two thumbs, speaks limited French, and hasn’t cried once today? This moi."

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30 Day New Girl Challenge

Day 10 - Favourite Guest Star

- David Walton as Sam

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