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My blog is like a rainy day when you curl up in bed and watch your favourite television shows with a cup of hot tea. Yep, my blog is exactly like that :)
The name is Nate; I’m a writer, wannabe comedian, filmmaker, Wizard, Dragon Tamer and creator of thingy things from Melbourne, Australia.
I make up for a lack of social life with excessive amounts of film and television viewing, video games, books, comics, writing screenplays and occasionally retreating to my own reality. I’m a huge television & film geek to the point where I often forget where television ends and reality begins
Now you know way too much about me and I presume bored of reading this. Enjoy the blog :D

And To All My Followers

You’ve just stopped being my followers. You have become something…unstoppable. I hereby pronounce us.. a community.

After doing further research into NBC delaying Community, it turns out that this is a move of restored faith in the show.

NBC delaying Community is actually bad news for the flops Animal Practice and Guys With Kids (which are both looking to be axed.)

NBC are actually currently deciding on a better night for Community.

Let’s just hope this move results in a full season order and the six seasons we are all wanting.

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    I would really, really like to believe this. I would. I just feel like NBC likes pulling at my heartstrings with a...
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